Friday, May 13, 2011

A Special Someone is ONE!

It's true, as of April 26th, Landon is 1.  I still can hardly believe I have a ONE year old.  Hell, sometimes I find it hard to believe I'm married to a great guy, let alone have a kid and house too.  That's part of my life though.  We had so much fun celebrating our first year with Landon.  On his actual birthday I took the day off work and Scott took the afternoon off so we could have some good family time together.  Here's a look in to how our day went...

I went in to his room in the morning and we started the day with me singing him Happy Birthday...and I cried...go figure.  He just wanted to get outta the crib!

Then he had breakfast of yogurt and applesauce.

I actually had time to get my shower and make up done before getting him up so after breakfast we took a couple Mommy and Me pictures.

Landon woke up happy, as usual, and a little clingy, which isn't usually him.  I like to think it was because he, on some level, was remembering what we were doing a year ago.  :-)  We rushed around to get his 1 year picture appointment.  What an experience.  I will NEVER go it alone again!  Not only was this kid just a tad clingy (apparently he didn't get the memo that Momma didn't want to be in the photos), he was also not in the mood to smile much.  By the end he was screaming and I was drowning in sweat.  Frustrating and gross.  You would never know from these pictures though.

We had lunch with Nana at Old Chicago.  That was a lot of fun and, after the whole photo shoot fiasco, Landon was actually in a great mood!


I made his cake for the big party and a little cupcake for him to have on his actual birthday.

He hated it!

After the cake, we all (yes Scott and I too) took a nap.  We had planned to go to the park to play but the day turned rainy so we ended up at the mall.  We let Landon ride a couple of kiddie rides for the first time and he had so much fun!

By the time we got home to open the presents from Mommy and Daddy, he was pretty much over it.  We snapped a couple photos anyway. 

It was a wonderful day!  I rocked him for a long time before laying him in his crib for bed.  Then I went downstairs and wrote a letter to him, which will go in to his baby book.  I am extremely lucky to be his Mommy and am forever grateful for him!