Monday, April 25, 2011

Landon's First Easter - Part 2

After all the fun with the Easter basket, we got dressed up and ready for breakfast at Nana and Papa's house, followed by church.  Of course, when we arrived at Nana and Papa's there was another basket waiting for him!  Thank you Nana and Papa!

We had a little time to play before church and were even able to get an okay family photo...

We attempted to keep Landon in the sanctuary for the Easter service...

After church we headed over for our celebration and egg hunt with my side of the family.  The food was fabulous, the egg hunt was lots of fun and the time with family was priceless.  We are truly blessed with a lot of love!  Thank you all for helping make this holiday one to remember!!  Click to view a slide show of more pictures.  :-)

Landon's First Easter - Part 1

Oh what a weekend!  We kept ourselves busy with egg hunts, shopping, baking and preparing for our sweet boy's very first Easter.  Scott left for some umpiring Friday so it was just Landon and I.  We went to the annual egg hunt at our church Saturday morning.  We were joined by Nana and her friend Chris, Grandma, Aunt Shanny, Uncle Michael, Ian, Adria and our friends Jamie, Terry and Zane.  It was such fun!

Landon was thrilled to be outside and really didn't get the whole "hunting for eggs" thing...

He found one egg....

And he was perfectly content!

If only we could all be happy with just this...

Landon had some fun with his basket...

...and posed for a photo with Mommy

...and his cousins...

He and Zane talked about how much fun they had!

Then Zane give him a BIG hug...

What a fun day!

Sunday morning we all got up and started getting ready for church.  I had this beautiful vision of sitting down with Landon, giving him his first Easter basket and watching his eyes light up looking at all his goodies.  I mean, it was a pretty awesome basket!

Scott and I were getting ready and Landon was playing, we thought, in his room.  He was very quiet so I went to check on him.  I found him in OUR room with his basket pulled down on the floor, with the contents scattered all around him.  I guess he liked it!

NEXT BLOG:  Easter Part 2

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Amish Boy?

That's what Scott calls him when he wears these shoes.  Now all he needs is a beard!

Girls - The Grownup Kind

I totally heart my girlfriends!  I am very fortunate to many of 'em and I cherish each friendship for their own unique characteristics.

Last night was an impromptu girls night at my place since Scott was gone for baseball.  It is pretty special to have friends who are willing to come to me, seeing as I probably shouldn't leave the baby home alone.  Even if he is sound asleep in his crib.

We talked about pedicures...

Listened to some good tunes...

Drank some good wine...

All in all it was a wonderful evening!  Thank you, Friends!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

For the Love of....Dogs

So, Scott was a pretty superb husband last night and went out to get us Chipotle for dinner while I was doing my Momma duties, AKA: Rocking Landon to sleep.  By the time he returned with our food, I had retreated to the family room.  We ate dinner, watched a little telly and I was ready for bed.  As I do every night, I started to locate the dogs (yes, they sleep in our room!) and Emma was nowhere to be found.  Turns out, Scott took her with him on his dinner errand and had left her in the car when he got home!  Now, before you chastise him, keep in mind, he had his hands full of steaky, sour-creamy, cheesy, guacamoley, ricey goodness and we were HUNGRY! 

THIS is what a totally hooked-up burrito bowl looks like!  No, I did not eat the whole thing.  Yes, I really wanted to.

We still LOVE our dogs!  We really do.  Even though people said we wouldn't love them as much once our baby came along.  I still can't believe 2 things:

1.  Scott forgot her in the car!
2.  I didn't even realize she was gone.

Hey, cut us some slack, we remembered to feed Landon before bedtime.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

35. Is It Really Just a Number?

That's how old I will be on my next birthday, which is exactly 119 days from right now.  I hope to lose another 35 pounds by then.  There, I've said it, put it in writing even.  Guess it's time to pull out my running shoes and yoga pants and get to work.  Wish me luck! 

Here are a few photos of the me I want to will be again.....

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Things I Love

In no particular order.......

  • the smell of Scott's cologne
  • landon just after a bath
  • the way things begin to green-up this time of year
  • reality TV
  • HUGE savings on a shopping trip
  • my family, including the family I was given the day I married Scott
  • our crazy, barky, mostly lovable dogs
  • getting my hair did
  • pedicures (I haven't gotten one of these in way longer than I care to admit)
  • a pair of jeans that fit just right
  • good, true friends
  • time to myself, which I don't get as often as I used to
  • landons laugh
  • landons voice
  • landons cheery disposition
  • landons smile
  • landon.
  • the way my hears swells every time I think about Landon!
  • having other Mom friends, who are like minded, and even those who are not 
  • facebook. 
  • weekends
  • fast dry nail polish
  • good scotch
  • being creative, whether that's in the kitchen, my yard, planning a party or redecorating a room in our home
  • diet A & W root beer
  • water
  • perrier
  • wine
  • having a DVR.  I'm not sure I will ever be able to give it up.  Especially if Cox keeps making it so affordable for us!
  • watching Landon play on his own
  • playing with Landon
  • reading to Landon
  • landon.
  • my husband, even if he drives me batty some days, he's who I am meant to be with
  • prayer, meditation and God
  • looking and feeling pretty
  • being so secure that I know I don't have to always be made-up to be pretty
  • cool picture frames
  • candles and all kinds of other smell good stuff
  • stuff that's handmade
  • rocking my baby at night
  • having a baby who sleeps ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT!
  • being tan, but not Jersey Shore orange tan
  • burts bees products...pretty much all of them
  • yoga
  • working up a good sweat and being sore the next day
I could probably continue this list for days, however, I'll leave it at this for tonight.