Friday, June 8, 2012


Here we sit. Landon snoozing through his Remicade infusion, while Mama prays this brings another level of healing. As I sit here I hear another sweet child crying across the hall. I feel for that baby girl and her Mama. I silently say a prayer for them too. The tears fall; I am unable to stop them. I wish children didn't have to be sick. I wish we could change situations. But we can't. We are given what we're given and it is for a reason. Someday we might even get to know what that reason may be.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Am Your Mommy

I am your Mommy. I will wipe your boogers. I will dry your tears. I will celebrate your victories, big or small. I will catch you when you fall; emotionally, physically, spiritually. I will clean up your puke and poop. I will bandage your wounds. I will encourage you to follow your dreams. I will trust you to make good decisions. I will honor you as you grow and develop in the person you are meant to be. I will be beside you as you journey through this life. I will love you forever. Why? Because, I am your Mommy.