Thursday, April 22, 2010


Well, we had our sonogram yesterday to get an estimate on Buttercup's weight. He's approximately 8 pounds 7 ounces right now! Oooof-daaah! My due date is still 2 weeks away which means if I go full term he could be a 10 pounder! I hope the doc has good news for us tomorrow and tells me I'm fully effaced and dialated more so we can get a move on. He's fully cooked so it's time to come meet Momma and Daddy! He's VERY healthy and pretty cute too from what we could see. He had fluid in his bladder and stomach, which is a good sign because that tells us he's able to swallow. He's definitely in the "head down" position and has very little hair if any at all. They called it fuzz. As the sono tech was measuring his lil legs she said, "I think he might have gotten his height from his Momma" so it looks like he'll be short and chubby! We were able to see a decent profile shot and he has the cutest little nose! His heartrate was 156 and we got to see the heart beating. SO cool! I was already anxious to meet him but now it's definitely intensified! Any "baby get out" vibes and prayers are much appreciated!

Monday, April 19, 2010

37 weeks and counting down!

My 37 week check up went great! My blood pressure was still somewhat elevated but there was NO protein in my urine this time. I'm about 2 cm dialated and still 70% effaced. Things are progressing! I'm measuring at 43 weeks now...gasp...and we're scheduled for a sonogram in 2 days to get an estimate on Buttercup's size. I had a mini meltdown after our appointment but Scott was able to calm me down and reassured me that everything will be OK. What a wonderful husband! I'll post again after our sono with an update.

Monday, April 12, 2010

36 week check up

I went for my 36 week check up last Friday. My blood pressure was a little elevated again and I had a trace amount of protein in my urine but nothing to be concerned about at this point. Our doctor listened to Buttercup's heartbeat, which was 144, and measured my expanding belly at 40 weeks. That's full term! We are scheduled for a sonogram next week to get an idea of just how big this baby boy is. However, after the hoo-haa check (this was my first time for that), he determined that I have a lot of amniotic fluid (props to me for a good diet and lots of water!) which is probably causing me to measure a little larger than normal. Speaking of the hoo-haa check, it was really no big deal and not nearly as yucky as I thought it might be. So, the BIG news we got is that I am already 1 cm dialated and 70% effaced! Oh, and the baby is head down (just as he should be--what a good boy already minding Mommy!) and in position for birth. I don't feel like he's dropped yet and I could stay this way for several weeks or he could come any day. Either way, our doctor thinks it is very unlikely that I will go beyond my due date. Whew! I was shocked when he said I was dialated and effaced but mostly super excited to know my body is doing exactly what it's supposed to do! I think Scott was taken off guard too. Our doctor assured him that this really was going to happen and that he'd be a Daddy very soon! :-) I spent a good part of the weekend in full nesting mode and got a lot accomplished! Everything is washed, unpacked and ready to go in Buttercup's room. As soon as it's totally finished I'll post some pictures.