Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Day of Reflection and Gratitude

January 30th 2012.  It's a day we will remember forever.  At this time last year, we were settling in at Children's Mercy for day one of Landon's second stay there.  I realize I still have not written about that.  A year later and am not yet at a place I feel like I have the strength to put it all on paper.  

When we arrived at Children's Mercy a year ago, we were better armed than the first time we were there.  Our eyes were a bit more open, we had some time to do more research, we felt more capable and able to communicate our wants and needs with the care team there.  We were still in for surprises.   

Today, instead of sitting in a hospital crazy with concern about the health and well being of my child, I am helping plan a benefit and start a foundation which will help other families.  How awesome is that?  The experiences we've had with Landon will change the lives of others.  You can read more about what we're doing and why by visiting our website.  

I'm not quite sure I've fully accepted having a child with a chronic health condition.  Honestly, I still believe he can heal and come through this.  Call it crazy if you want.  I call it optimistic.  I call it faith.  I call it our reality.  Our Boy Wonder has shown us miracles happen.  He has continued to amaze his doctors and makes Mama and Daddy proud every single day.

A year ago, he was dealing with a lot:

- Blood in his stools with nearly every bowel movement, which was upwards of 10-12 a day
- Insane steroid induced rage filled fits, which were uncontrollable and would last for hours
- He was on Prednisolone, Remicade, Sulfasalazine, several antibiotics, IV fluids and TPN (nutrition through an IV)
- He was not able to take his probiotics or any other natural things we wanted him on
- He had a feeding tube which was prepping his system for more scopes
- He was quarantined to his room due to a bacteria he had picked up from the hospital in Wichita
- He was extremely fatigued and did not run at all

That list could go on and on...

Today, the only pharmaceutical he is on is Remicade.  He is able to take the perfect combination of vitamins, minerals and probiotics.  He is happy (except for the normal 2 year old stuff!), healthy, healing and symptom free!  He runs every where and has a ton of energy!  Oh what a difference a year can make.  It hasn't been a easy road but it's definitely been worth every single challenge we've faced and bulldozed through.    

We are fully aware that things will be up and down with his health.  Today, we celebrate the beautiful place we are in and are grateful beyond words for the strength of our Boy Wonder.  He is determined to get well.  I am thankful today to be with my boy, at home, even though we're having a whole different set of challenges!  I'm thankful the challenges we are facing now are the same as any other parents of a 2 year old. I'm thankful for all the progress Landon has made in the last year.  I'm thankful for his team of doctors, nurses and support system who have helped make his miraculous healing possible.

The top 2 photos are January 30th, 2012
The bottom 2 photos are January 26th and January 30th 2013
 A MUCH healthier boy!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Real Post - All About A Boy!

All about a Boy Wonder, that is!  When I got home from work tonight, Landon and I had a little conversation.  It went something like this:

{Mommy}  "How was your day, Buddy?"

{Boy Wonder}  "Better."

{M}  "That's good.  Were you a good boy for Grandma."

{BW}  "Yes, I was!  We played and played!  Then we picked up.  I kept my undies nice and clean and dry aaalll day!  I can stand up to potty."

{M}  "Great job!  I'm very proud of you!  Did you poop today too?"

{BW}  "Yes.  I sure did."

{M}  "Awesome.  How was it?"

{BW}  "It was....... NORMAL!  (a lot of inflection on 'normal')"

{M}  "That's wonderful!  How about a nap?  Did you get a good nap today?  How long did you sleep?"

{BW}  "Oh, about 10 hours a day."

{M}  "WOW!  That's a lot.  How long did you sleep for your nap?"

{BW}  "About a half of an hour."

Seriously.  Is he 2 or 12?!  

Daddy is very sick so Landon and I got out of the house this evening for a Mommy and Landon date.  You know what?  Mommy and Landon dates are awesome!  We went to Noodles and Co.  It was yummy!  He was very entertaining and very well behaved!  We had a great time.  I needed tonight.  I really did.

Tomorrow we are heading back to KC for another infusion.  The last time we were there sucked royally and was very traumatic!  I'm visioning everything going smoothly tomorrow.  It WILL be better!

Another Lazy Post. Twins Gangnam Style

This.  Is.  Awesome.  

Can you believe these kids?  So cute!!  

Because I'm Lazy. Or Because I Like Laughter.

I'm kind of a lazy blogger this week.  Here is a seriously cute and funny video.  I promise you will laugh out loud!  IF you don't, well, then I have no idea what to say or do.  


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Care Enough

If you don't make me a priority in your life, you will no longer be a priority in mine.   My beliefs, my passions, my struggles, my celebrations, my victories, my LIFE....everything is relevant.   I am trying very hard to accept and meet people where they are.  However, I love myself enough to know my limits and boundaries.

You don't ask about me.  You don't seem to care.

I always ask about you.   I listen fully with a compassionate heart.  I am willing to help in any way I am able.

I won't do it any longer.   Not for those who don't care enough to reciprocate.  Let me be clear.   I do not give with any expectations.  I do, however, want to know that those I care about also feel the same about me.

I will devote my time, energy and efforts to those who genuinely receive it with appreciation and love.

Just because things look good on the surface doesn't mean all is well.  I still have battles I am fighting.  We all do.

Care enough to ask.  Care enough to listen when I answer.  Care enough to share your struggles with me.  Care enough to be in a reciprocal relationship of love and compassion.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Cleanout

Today the husband and I dove in to our utility/storage room in an attempt to get it organized. During this process, I had a number of realizations. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. We are empty box hoarders. I kid you not, we threw out at least 25 empty boxes, all different sizes. Completely ridiculous!

2. Although Scott and I get a lot accomplished, we pretty much drive each other batty in the process. At the end of the day, shiznit gets taken care of. That's what matters.

3. We have enough paint to repaint our whole house several times. Lawdy! Why do we need so much paint?!

4. It is possible to tackle big jobs with a 2 year old running about. You may get asked 6793 times, "What are you doing, Mommy?" but you can still push through.

5. I knew our lives were put on hold when Landon got sick, but today I realized just how much stuff got neglected.

6. It feels incredibly good to purge and get rid of stuff!!! Okay, I already knew that.

7. A few years ago, I would have been embarrassed to share about the hot mess that is our utility/storage room. Today, I accept and embrace it as a part of ME! Sometimes I'm a mess. Whatevs! Other times I'm super together and organized. Score!

We still have some more work to do in there but today was a great start. I would post some before and after photos, however, I didn't take a before photo. Let's be honest, nobody wants to see all that madness anyway!

Please tell me we aren't the only ones with an out of control room like this!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tonight's Happenings

1. A nakey boy running all over the house!

2. Nakey boy now crying because he wanted Mommy to take his necklace off.

3. Nakey boy now happy again because Daddy put his necklace back on so Mommy could take it off.

4. Wine in a coffee cup.

5. Husband who made dinner and is now giving nakey boy a bath.

6. A very happy Mama.

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Whipped Butter

I have been talking about making butter since Scott bought me a stand mixer last year. Today, I finally did it.

Here's what you need:

- Heavy Cream (I used about a quart)
- A mixer with the whisk attachment to do all the work for you. You will also want to be sure to attach the splash guard.
- Sea Salt

Here's what you do:

Pour the cream in and turn your mixer to medium speed. Wait. And wait. And wait. It will begin to look like whipped cream. Keep waiting. Then it will begin to turn yellowish and clump up. Keep waiting. Then, the buttermilk will begin to separate and you will be thankful you put the splash guard on! Drain the buttermilk and add some salt. I whipped it all together to make a silky whipped butter. That's it!

Bake some bread and enjoy!

I used farm fresh cream. Next time, I will splurge and get raw milk cream.

The whole process takes approximately 25ish minutes. Here are some photos.

Making butter is way more fun with a helper!

Buttermilk.  YUM!

Whipped butter, ready to eat!