Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Almost Here

We are just days away from Landon's first Christmas!  2 days until it all starts for our family, to be exact.  I can hardly contain my excitement!  I have always loved Christmas and when Scott came in to my life I met my match.  Actually, he is more of a Christmas Elf than I am!  One of the many things I adore about my husband.  This year (the first of many) will be so much better now that we have a child to share our joy with. 

I decided today to start a tradition with Landon of baking a cake for Jesus on Christmas Eve.  Scott doesn't know about my plan yet but I have a feeling he'll like the idea.  He is a Christ centered man (another one of the qualities I adore about him) and I know it's important to him to teach Landon about God and Jesus.  For me, it is also very important to teach Landon that Christmas is about celebration (of Jesus birth), family, togetherness and, most of all, love.  I know he's just a little guy and will always be excited for the gifts.  I'm not totally out of touch with reality.  I just want him to remember why we all gather together.  It isn't about the material things around us, although those things can make life fun and enjoyable.  Our lives are enriched by the love we have for one another and the quality time we spend together.

2 more days!!!  Let's do this!     

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gratitude and Hope

I often wonder if I will ever be able to look at my baby and not get emotional.  It seems like in the last week or so my emotions have intensified.  I have always felt a huge sense of gratitude for being given such a precious gift.  This week, it seems like I've felt it more than ever.  Every time I think about Landon, I feel a tug at my heart.  I've cried every single night this week while rocking him to sleep.  Sunday night I was on the verge of sobbing.  OK, being honest, I was sobbing.  I tell him all the time how much I love him and how grateful I am to be his Mommy.  I thank God all the time for sending him to me.  I feel like I can't ever be thankful enough.  How can I express enough gratitude?  How can I show in action and word how truly blessed I feel?  Is this how other Mommy's feel? 

I hope these feelings never go away.  I hope Landon always has a sense of exactly how much he is loved.  I hope he always knows how much Scott and I wanted and prayed for him.  I hope he knows he is more than we ever imagined or dreamed of.  I hope he always knows he's perfect just the way he is.  I hope he always holds steadfast in his beliefs.  I hope he loves his fellow beings as much as he himself is loved.  

He is my world.  My first born.  My sweet baby boy.  My angel sent from above.  He is perfect.  

Sicky Poo Baby

Landon experienced his first ever sickness last week.  Let me tell ya, it was NOT fun!  Especially considering I was sick too. 

It all started Saturday (a week ago) night.  We did some work around the house and it was a generally busy weekend.  We are trying frantically to get the basement finished before the first of the year.  Landon spent the day at Nana's house so Scott and I could get some painting done.  When we picked him up, Nana reported that he had a good day, other than a little fussiness.  We chalked it up to possibly teething, since it seems like he's been getting teeth non-stop since the first one at 5 months old.  We got home just in time for dinner.  He ate his normal jar of organic veggies and had a 7 ounce bottle.  All was well....until....I tried to burp him.  Instead of a burp I was covered in projectile vomit.  Now when I say covered, I'm being literal.  It all happened so fast.  One minute I was gently patting his back and the next I had baby barf all over my face, hair, down the front and back of my get the point.  I said, "OH MY GOSH!" and Scott came running in to the room.  By then I was laughing hysterically.  I still have no idea why I reacted with laughter but I'm really glad I did.  He took Landon so I could get to the shower.  I nearly barfed while stripping my shirt over my head.  We had no idea Landon was sick.  I thought maybe he just choked or something.  The next day this trend continued and he started having some pretty nasty diapers.  Sunday evening I started feeling yucky too.  I stayed home from work Monday and my Momma came over to take care of Landon.  That was a HUGE blessing!  It took until Thursday before Landon and I were finally feeling better!  Amazingly, Scott dodged the sickness.  Moral of this story:  If your baby pukes all over you, it isn't the end of the world, but it may get you sick too.

Worst Blogger EVER!

Geeze, I've been totally terrible lately at this thing called blogging.  I promise to TRY to be better. 

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