Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Landon rolls over!!!

Landon has been on the verge of rolling from his back to tummy for at least a week now. He would get balanced on his side, so ready to go all the way over, only to end up on his back again. We knew it would happen any day and today was the day! He came to work with me today and was laying on his blanket playing and chattering away. He was getting very close to rolling all the way over but just couldn't quite get there. Amber (my co-worker) and I were watching very intently for him to just do it already! I had stepped away to wash my water glass when I heard Amber say, "He just did it!" She missed it too, looking over to find Landon on his tummy. I quickly ran over and flipped him to his back in hopes that he would show me his new trick. Much to my amazement he did it again right away! And again after that!! What a little show off. He's been rolling and rolling all day long. He even tried a double roll but his arm got in the way. I have a feeling we're not too far from him getting seriously mobile! How can one tiny little boy bring so much joy, amazement and pride?!? This Momma stuff is the absolute BEST!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

4 months old already!

Wow, it's hard to believe the 4 month mark has already come and gone. Landon has changed so much and continues to bring so much joy to our lives every single day. I am still brought to tears a lot of times when I look at him. I am always thinking about how lucky I am to be him Momma. What a blessing he is!!
Landon is changing every day and has recently discovered his hands. He loves to reach for things and has mastered the art of finger chewing! He is able to grab the toys we dangle in front of him. He really likes sitting in his exersaucer (even though his feet still don't quite touch!) and "talking" to his toys. Speaking of talking, he's certainly turning into a lil chatter box! I love to have "conversations" with him. He's yet to roll over but we're sure that will happen any day now! He's nearly there!! Our first experience with rice cereal didn't go over too well but he's liking it a lot more now. He smiles all the time and recently has really started enjoying his stroller. We love to take him for walks and he seems to love it too. We hope you enjoy the pictures!

Landon's 4 month check up

We went for Landon's four month check up on August 27th. I can hardly believe how much he's grown and changed! Here are his stats:
Weight: 16 pounds 11 ounces (83%)
Height: 24.5 inches (35%)
Head Circumference: 16.5 inches (41%)
He's definitely growing and healthy!