Friday, June 6, 2014



It's been with him since birth. 

We actually purchased an exact duplicate so we could switch it out for washings. 

He loves his blanket. 

It provides a sense of security and brings him comfort when he has to be brave. 

It has helped him through many fevers and childhood Yuckies. 

We have been working on keeping blanket in bed only, not dragging it all over the house. It's been challenging. Honestly, I don't care if he sleeps with it until he's grown, I just don't want him throwing it at the cat, leaving it on the kitchen floor, spilling cereal on get what I'm saying. 

Today, Landon was playing, then started to get grumpy. I figured he was hungry and offered him a snack. He decline and asked to get blanket out of his bed. I reminded him of what we are working on and told him he was welcome to go sit on his bed with blanket. What happened next was melt down city!

I tried to explain things, I attempted to reason with him. He cried and begged for blanket. I stood my ground, until, with huge tears streaming down his rosy cheeks, he said these words. "Mommy, I promise I will do anything you want, whatever you ask, if you will just let me snuggle with blanket." 

My child was in a moment of true heartache. This wasn't manipulation, and trust me I did think about that. I've seen those behaviors before and this was different. I began to cry right along with him as I truly felt what he was feeling. I caved. We talked it through and decided today would be our last day with blanket out of bed. We will start fresh tomorrow. 

Do your kids have a security item? What is it? How long did you allow them to have it? 

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